Beauty Within

When the ladies arrived for art therapy for their very first session, I had them randomly select an image of a flower from magazine clippings. We would use this image as the center focus and create a mandala.  To get focused, I led a guided visual meditation I call “A Seed in the Desert”.  The idea is that this “seed” sprouts and grows into a beautiful flower representing our lives if we will nourish the seed.  The mandala shown here was done by an offender who was able to “see” beyond her desert environment and imagine the possibilities for her future.  Is there a seed in a desert place of your life that is ready to sprout and bloom? Why not visualize it and explore the possibilities today?

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  • Ahmed says:

    I had bought mylsef one of you beautiful plates to help with my anxiety and had amazing results. What I did not count on was that my son Kayden, who was two and a half at the time and was not talking or doing things most childern in his age group were doing, would also love it. Kayden started out tracing the plate with me, holding my hand. He seemed to really enjoy it. I realized that after we worked on the plate he was very focused so we started to have him read his ABC’s and numbers. Kayden had gone from not speaking at all to speaking understandable three word phrases in just a few months. His speech therapist is amazed with his progress. Not only has your work helped me but it has also had a very positive effect on Kayden. Thank you for your wonderful work.

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