Values Over Time.001What you love to do is directly related to your core values… and core values are so very important in creating a life worth living!

In a recent art & spirituality session, attendees created an “accordion” book recording significant events over time.  Using personal photographs, magazine clippings and found objects, beautiful papers and ribbon, a timeline was created and a story told.  Telling our stories and re-telling them in creative ways gave new meaning and restoration to our lives.

I recommend this creative activity to everyone to try!  Visualize two or three happy memories and start your time line.  As pleasant memories come to mind, identify important values that run through your journey from the earliest memories and into the future.  You will find that these values are like “golden threads” woven through special occasions and relationships.  As you identify and hold on to them, they can provide hope for the future ~ they are at the very core of what you were born to love to do!

What do you love to do?

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