Going with the Flow ~

FullSizeRender It was great experimenting with acrylic inks on yupo paper!  I’ve never worked with it before and found I definitely was “going with the flow”!  It was fun to see the effects of spraying water and sprinkling salt.  I’ll be sharing this process with a group of ladies this weekend.  It’ll be the “ice-breaker” for getting to know each other.  I love meeting new folks – especially from different cultures.  You can imagine how excited I am about this opportunity to travel to Whidbey Island.  I’ll be flying into Seattle, WA and taking a ferry to Whidbey.  Amazing.  I’m going to get some great pics on location and of the artwork we’ll be creating.  It’s a privilege for me to contribute to this weekend that author and photographer, Morgan McKenna, will be facilitating.  I’m to bring creative reflections as a way to respond to the topics we’ll be discussing.  Can’t wait!