Listen with your heart

Wanda's Mandala Wanda’s Mandala 2016

Coloring in colored pencils has become a way to relax and encourage quiet “pondering” on whatever seems to be an important focus at the time.  I invited my art therapy group at the Virginia Correctional Center for Women here in Virginia to join our on line coloring group, Color Me FRIENDS.  The invitation was to encourage developing a lifestyle of listening ~ working in the arts can help us release anxiety and the “cares of this world” ~ and if done intentionally, can become life-sustaining, creative energy.

Wanda is especially talented artistically.  She loves drawing and stained glass work.  She is learning many new techniques with the small amount of teaching I am able to provide.  She draws out of me my best teaching.  This is a coloring page mandala taken from one of the many coloring books one can purchase today.  Sometimes using a coloring page like this can help us get “centered”.  Wanda used this one as a coloring meditation that helped her focus on her God-given strengths.  She is the “deer” in the center walking in the beauty of creation all around her ~ “she walks in beauty”.  As she makes art work, she is creating beauty.

Beauty is a powerful and real God-given attribute and gift. Listening deeply to that presence within enables her to walk in beauty ~ a strength that Wanda wants to live in all the time.  What a powerful desire!  Wanda inspired me to share it.  Thank you, Wanda.