Winds of Time

I took a trip to Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona and like so many others on this trip, I took many photos. They are one of a kind every time because of the time of day and season of light one visits this amazing place! What you see is truly in the “eye of the beholder”! I have been looking at my photos lately and find myself taken with the beauty of this special place. The more I gaze, the more my soul is at peace. This time as I gazed upon this photo, I saw the waves embedded in the rock that were formed from the sand that the wind gently blew across the rock.

In my art therapy groups and expressive arts coaching sessions, I encourage the participants by asking three questions: What do you see? What do you think? What do you wonder? Then, after reflecting for some time, the journaling begins. Sometimes I will ask for a “title” as a starting point to journal writing. I might say, “give your image a title” and then tell the story. What comes from this kind of reflection can be powerful. It can help us see things and consider how what we see can give us fresh insight and open up possibilities. Sometimes when we feel stuck, this “gazing” can enable the light we need to see the way forward.

I titled this photo, “Winds of Time”…. now to reflect and see what comes. Why not join me?

What do you see? Where is your eye drawn?

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