Life-giving Waters

Whidbey Island 2013

Research suggests living near the beach can improve our health!   Now I know why I am so drawn to being near the water…

Some of us can go to the beach for this kind of relaxation, but all of us can use “visualization” and our listening skills to make a difference. I have found that as I establish a daily practice of these disciplines, the “concerns” I have are no longer my primary thoughts – they do not take the position from which I see the rest of my life or my world. I am then able to relax, let go of the many “voices” that distract me, and receive the “breath of God”.  I begin to notice the rhythm of my own breath and as I look and listen in that place, I am cleansed and refreshed – my energy is restored.

What is delightful for me in this process is that this opens up much more to me.  It is like rivers of living water (John 7) that flow out from within me.  If I listen and look even further, I may begin to receive an impression, a clarity about a concern, or a word that heals.

The “waters of life” flow in and through me – and refresh.

When I am encouraging others in this practice in my coaching or art therapy ministry, I direct the client to visualize the most pleasant place they can think of and “go there”.  I often ask them to sit or lay in a comfortable position.  Once they can see themselves in that pleasant place, I ask the to look and listen, and see what comes.  Then they just receive and listen, and receive and listen.  The voice of the Living Waters may come.  The voice that is upon the wind of God may come.  Then, they can receive all they need and be at rest in a new way for that day.

I am so grateful for this practice.

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