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Vision - Calling people into the creative flow of God.

ManyWaters is a network of believers who inspire creativity and ignite hope. Our desire is to encourage an environment for creativity and intuitive leadership where people are enabled to receive and respond to the Spirit’s voice, express themselves in the fullness of who they were created to be, and make significant contributions to the betterment of their community.



What’s that sound?


Last week in my art therapy group at the Virginia Correction Center for Women we used the visual image and symbolism of bells –  an appropriate image for the Christmas season, I thought.  We considered the purposes of different kinds of bells, their tones and volume in communicating, and how various groups might recognize the quality of each specific sound.  The bell symbol helped us to focus on the sound of our own voices and what we want to draw attention to by our tone when we are communicating.   It was a good discussion for these ladies who often feel like they have no voice.  This topic was a springboard for working in our art journals – drawing and writing about our voices.

We’ve been able to share like this as we create art at the prison each week.  Art and music therapy are well known agents of healing and stress management.  Studies are showing the benefits help in resolving grief, trauma, loss, and even in the prevention of dementia. In the field of Corrections, it is thought to help reduce recidivism.  I am so thankful to be able to share my art and coaching skills with over 30 ladies at VCCW each week.  They tell me they love being in this program and see how it’s really making a difference for them.  Have you thought about the sound of your voice?

The First Time

My husband, John, and I often spend our early mornings talking over coffee. We talk about the things we value, such as our family, our ministries, and our future goals.  Of course, encouraging anyone we can to learn to recognize God’s voice is one of the most exciting and beneficial topics we could ever share.   There are so many ways to hear God’s voice, and so many good things come into being when we act upon what He says to us.    I think you’ll like what John has to say on this subject taken from Psalm 29:9.

The First Time  ~  by John Maher

The voice of the Lord makes the deer give birth….    Psalm 29:9

John O’Donohue writes that home is the place where you see things for the first time (Eternal Echoes: Critical Reflections on Our Need to Belong, pg 31).  I would add a similar observation: Home is where you hear things for the first time. In one very real sense, following Jesus is putting yourself into the position to see and hear things for the first time.   In Psalm 29:9 cited above we can see the results of the sound of the voice of the Lord.  Hearing His voice can cause new things to be born.  New ministries, new forgiveness, new courage, new relationships, new power, etc., et. may be born at the sound of the voice of the Lord.  It is the birth of these new aspects of the kingdom of God that may be the flow of living water coming from the spirit of believers as Jesus described (John 7:39).  The sound of many waters (Revelation 14:2) may very well be the gathering of the church in a way that many new ministries and empowerments of the Spirit are born.

All of this means putting ourselves into the position to see and hear things from the Spirit of God.  Many of those things we will be hearing for the first time.

One more very transforming dynamic is at play when we put ourselves into the position to see and hear things for the first time.  We know we are where we belong.  Just as it is in our physical lives where we see and hear things for the first time as infants in our home where we belong,  so in our spiritual lives every time we see and hear things of Jesus and His great mercy we know we are home where we belong.

Take a moment and put yourself into the position to see and hear from the Spirit of God.  Consider what new things you might see and hear.  Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you.


COACHING a Creative Culture.....

Carol Maher believes in the value of encouraging a creative culture. Her sense of mission led her in the creation of ManyWaters Ministries in 1998.

Carol’s years of experience as an art educator, spiritual coach, counselor, and community leader equip her to work with individuals and groups. She welcomes creative, out of the box thinking that encourages new connections and expands vision for community growth and participation.

Who would benefit from Carol’s encouragement?

Ministry & non-profit leaders, clergy, and people who desire to:

• honor & live their values
• clarify mission & purpose
• learn & implement new leadership skills
• resolve grief, loss, trauma, and resentment
• deepen spiritual resources
• explore spirituality & personal well-being through creative expression

How to get started?

Contact Carol to discuss your goals and make a plan for coaching.

Appreciative Coaching & Spiritual Direction

The Appreciative Way of coaching is a way of “being” and “seeing” in the world that leads to positive life-giving ways of “doing” (Dr. Rob Voyle). The focus is on hope and defines it as “the ability to imagine a tomorrow that you would find enjoyable and life-giving; and to know that you have the resources to achieve that preferred future.”

The Appreciative Way, founded by Dr. Rob Voyle, draws from Appreciative Inquiry and Contemplative Spirituality. Dr. Voyle’s approach helps clients move from negative, fear-driven motivations to positive, loving motivations that lead towards personal and professional transformation.

Personal Life Coaching helps you align your passion, purpose, and values to create a life that is an authentic expression of the life that is deep within you.

Spiritual Coaching or Spiritual Direction helps clarify your understanding and relationship with God - the Source of your life and being ... a foundational aspect of creating a life that is truly life-giving and worth living.

All Coaching is done by phone or Skype except where the client is within convenient distance.

Introductory Session (30 minutes) is complimentary to assess goals. Coaching Sessions are $75 for an hour session paid in advance by check, Paypal or credit card. As part of the goal setting and resource development the client may be asked to take an (optional) online assessment which will require an additional fee. *Arrangements may be made for a flexible fee plan as needed.

Group sessions can be planned with you group in mind, such as, a plan for a one day seminar or a two day retreat.

Ask About Other Opportunities

Spiritual Growth with Creative Expression ~ Be encouraged spiritually through the arts and being with others who value and work towards a creative culture.

Dream Interpretation ~ learn the value of your dreams from a biblical interpretation.

Retreats ~ Spiritual refreshment and prayer journeys throughout the year.

Art Therapy ~ Suitable for young clients as well as our older ones. It allows expression of inner thoughts in ways that frequently cannot be conveyed with words, fosters emotional growth, and facilitates awareness and expression of emotions. Utilizing a variety of techniques, non-verbal communication is encouraged through the use of various art media.


ARTS = Apostolic, Restorative, Transformational Streams

Not only are the Arts extremely important as a vehicle of self-expression and beauty in the world, but the Arts create platforms for restoration and transformation of our communities.

The word “ARTS” can be used as an acrostic.  Each letter represents a value embedded in ManyWaters, whereby the power of creative listening and engaging with others flows outward bringing streams of life wherever they go.

“The Sound of Many Waters” ~ Revelation 14:2
The Art of Listening
The Art of Encouraging
The Art of Imagining

The Art of ListeningWhat do you hear/see?

Listening, tuning an ear to the sound of hope. Looking for a vision of the future.  Where do we hear the sound of life? What do we perceive? An intentional lifestyle of contemplation; taking up a position to see andhear like we read in Habakkuk 2. Prophetically Conscious ~ What is the Spirit doing among us? What does the Spirit want us to do about it?

The Art of Encouraging ~ What do you think?

Spiritual Direction and Formation ~ Private & Groups Sessions; Retreats

Appreciative Way inquiring ~ asking the questions that lead to healing, hope, and a future.  Jeremiah 29:11

Appreciative Coaching and Counseling

Restoring Hope - resolving grief, loss, trauma, and resentment.

Contact Carol to learn more and get connected.

The Art of Imagining ~ What do you wonder?

Is there a stream of living water bubbling up?  How to encourage its flow...

What will it become? How will it bless others?

Creativity in all its forms:

  • Creative Expression
  • Envisioning the Future
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Leadership Development, mentoring, and fellowship opportunities.
  • Asset Based Community Development


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