What we do

Appreciative Coaching


It's all about what is "life-giving and "hopeful" about the future.  Reflecting and asking motivating questions that help you live into your values and mission in life.

Group Retreats


Customize a Day of Reflection or an extended  retreat of two or three days. A time "apart" can be so valuable for creative thinking, renewing your vision, and mission for the steps ahead. 

Awaken Your creativity


The creative process can help you to de-stress, open up your imagination and creativity, and enable you to express more than you can say in words.  Ask us about a session for your group or join in to one we've planned.

Walking in Beauty October 8 - 12, 2020


Meet Navajo weavers and artisans, learn about their culture, art, and worldview called The Beauty Way. Visit Canyon de Chelly, Hubbard Trading Post, Window Rock Cultural Center, and Good Shepherd Mission... interested? Contact Carol at cmaher@manywaters.net   

REtreats for Vestries & Non-Profits


Renew and strengthen your mission by reflecting on shared values and purpose. Learn how to create a culture of excellence that encourages a hopeful future with those you serve.

Ask us a question


Asking good questions leads to fresh insights - like the question, "What do you love to do?" 

What you love to do is directly connected to your identity and purpose.  Let us help you discover your "preferred future".